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Our Team

Israel Biking Experience (IBE) guides have spent the last 20 years riding hundreds of trails and countless roads.  Tens of biking groups have enjoyed Israel Biking Experience guide's intimate knowledge of this fantastic cycling country.

Yoni is out on his bike most days of the week.   With a huge experience in leading charity rides, he can often be seen making coffee at a pit stop.  He won't disclose his secret brew, but it's worth drinking some.

Nathan loves the north of the country, and particularly enjoys the green countryside in the spring, and some occasional rain - he says it makes him feel alive.  He specially enjoys the open roads and quietness of the Galilee in the early morning hours.

Jay's idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to other cultures and interacting with local people.   That, and riding particularly brutal uphills.   Occasionally taciturn, but always amusing, he keeps his groups working and enjoying as the week proceeds.

Hanan's vice is discovering trails nobody's heard of, let alone actually ridden.   A singletrack fanatic, he'll sometimes agree to do normal double tracks, but only if they're not on the map.

Danny is the founder and owner of Israel Biking Experience (IBE).   "Embrace the great outdoors" has turned into more than a motto for him.  In his previous life, he had a factory producing metal parts, but his great love of cycling and his conviction that Israel offers superb road and MTB biking pushed him into starting this business.   "There is nothing more beautiful than seeing somebody come here to ride for the first time, open his eyes wide, and start to smile as he does some crazy downhill in the desert".

All About Israel

(and why your cycling trip here is going to be exceptional)

You've heard about the Tel-Aviv night life and restaurants, about Jerusalem's unique multi-culturalism and history, and about the fantastic Mediterranean coastline and golden sandy beaches.

But we're here to talk about your cycling tour !  Israel has generally great biking weather from October through May - exactly when so much of Europe and North America is cold, gloomy and rainy.   

Our roads are well-maintained, scenic and exciting.   Our trails are anywhere from exotic to exhilarating.

People who come to Israel to ride for the first time find themselves slightly stunned on the first day or two, and by the end of their trip, you'll see them with a huge smile plastered across their faces.

This is the Holy Land, but also a place where you can find some of the best riding anywhere, together with amazing historical sites and breathtaking scenery.  We promise you that after one of our cycling trips, you will find yourself physically tired, but spiritually uplifted.   Come and experience an Israeli biking vacation for yourself.

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