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We let the riders do the talking


We had a great local cook on the tour with us - the food was great (and that's important after all)"

Morten, Norway

"We had watched the Giro d'Italia on TV and couldn't believe the desert scenery.   Now we were cycling through it..."

Marco, Italy

"This trip combined the religious sites of Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee with the cool urban side of Tel Aviv.   Add to that some great scenery and cycling, and this one was a winner"

Mark, US

"The feeling of rushing down to minus 400m and then jumping into the warm water in the Dead Sea in November was unbelievable" 

Rich, UK

"The domestic guides in Israel were so good and professional"

Serge, Belgium

"I found the concept of leaving Jerusalem and riding into the desert fascinating...great riding and lifetime experiences" 

Jenny, Canada

"The mix of the trip was a brilliant one;  started with the city night tour in Jerusalem, the Sugar Trail, the overnight camps in the desert etc."

Christian, Switzerland

"I loved the local organization by IBE; the itinerary worked great, we enjoyed some tremendous cycling and saw a lot of stuff that we had dreamed of"

Gary, Canada

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