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Your bicycle vacation in Israel starts here.  Please choose your ride, or ask about other options (more days, easier riding etc.)

Holy Land Cycling Tour

This cycling trip will show you a large part of the fascinating Holy Land, from the lush forests of the Galilee, Crusader fortresses, Byzantine churches, Druze villages and Chassidic Jews, and then to the Dead Sea and the Israeli desert in the far south of the country.   This ride is suitable for cyclists with an average fitness level and a love of the outdoors and history.

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Desert Singletracks (Off-Road)

This trip in the Judean and Negev deserts offers the ultimate in exciting desert terrain.  We will be based near the Dead Sea, allowing us to enjoy technical rides from 800m down to the lowest point on earth.   We then transfer south, based on the edge of the Negev's largest river bed, and we will exploit the terrain around our base to "rock 'n roll" every day of this trip.

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Israel Bike Trail (Off-Road)

This is the Southern section - and some would say the most strenuous - of what will eventually stretch from Israel's Hermon mountain in the North, till Eilat, our Red Sea port city.  A fabulous point-to-point desert ride of 5 days, starting at the Ramon crater, and ending at the sea in Eilat, this is not for the faint-hearted.   True desert riding at it's very best.

City to Desert (Road Trip)

What could be a greater feeling than cycling on the road out of the big city and out into the desert ?   This road ride takes you out of Jerusalem at 880m, all the way down to the Dead Sea at -430m, and deep into the desert.   As we all know, it's never all downhill.   This exhilirating ride will have some significant uphills, but hold on to your handlebars and breath deep:  you will love the scenery !

Israel Biking Experience | Epic Cycling Holidays in Israel | Scenes of Galilee

"We had watched the Giro d'Italia on TV and couldn't believe the desert scenery.   Now we were cycling through it..."

Marco, Italy

Scenes of Galilee (Road trip)

Great road riding, magical scenery and fascinating historical sights.  We will be based in lakeside accomodation on the beautiful Sea of Galilee.  Expect a mixture of moderate to challenging riding in the historic Galilee and Golan Heights, some fascinating archeology and religious sites along the way, and a possible tasting at Israel's premier boutique winery.

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