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Israel has some of the finest bike riding worldwide for on and off-road cycling. Come explore this fascinating country, full of history and great scenery. Israel Biking Experience (IBE) offers your group a fantastic biking experience.

See highlights of the recent trip we hosted for two European pro riders whose magazine article on Israeli mountain biking has been published around the world

Cycling in Israel

You've heard about the Tel-Aviv nightlife and restaurants, about Jerusalem's unique multi-culturalism and history, and about the fantastic Mediterranean coastline and golden sandy beaches.


But we're here to talk about your cycling tour!  Israel has great biking weather from October through April - exactly when so much of Europe and North America is cold, gloomy and rainy.   


Our road trips take you through fascinating history and fine landscapes.   Our mountain bike trails are anywhere from exotic to exhilarating.


This is the Holy Land, but also a place where you can find some of the best riding anywhere, together with amazing historical sites and breathtaking scenery.  We promise you that after one of our cycling trips, you will find yourself spiritually uplifted.   Come and experience an Israeli biking vacation for yourself.

"I found the concept of leaving Jerusalem and riding into the desert fascinating...great riding and lifetime experiences"

Jenny, Canada

"We had a great local cook on the tour with us - the food was great (and that's important after all)"

Morten, Norway

Christian, Switzerland

The riders say...

"The mix of the trip was a brilliant one;  started with the city night tour in Jerusalem, the Sugar Trail, the overnight camps in the desert etc."

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